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Cary Academy

“The AVCON team was so great to work with. We looked to them along the way to help us in all of our decision-making”

Karen McKenzie
Director of Technology and Innovation at Cary Academy


Cary Academy, a college-preparatory school for grades 6-12, recently made some renovations to their campus. At the start of the project, AVCON was hired as the professional audio-visual design / build firm as well as to assist with architectural and construction coordination.

“The classroom spaces needing renovation were using equipment around 20 years old,” recalls Karen McKenzie, Director of Technology and Innovation at Cary Academy. “We were looking for new solutions that looked impressive and would be easy to use and consistent throughout, ensuring the same user experience for both students and faculty.”

AVCON designed solutions to meet the varied requirements for math, physics and science classrooms, maker-spaces, a multi-purpose room and a conference room. Solutions included 4K displays, wired and wireless connectivity, matrix switching, overflow distribution, digital signage, audio source playback and voice amplification, web conferencing, integrated control solutions and a high definition 4×2 video wall.

With the technologies successfully implemented, the new systems are making a big impact toward improved instruction, collaboration and student engagement. “We’re enjoying the classroom screens even when they are not in use. Each classroom is named after an influential mathematician or scientist, and the screen in each classroom houses this name as well as a graphic during the screen’s idle time,” says Karen. “Also, screens are on an auto-timer so that they are up and ready when teachers arrive in the mornings. The lobby / multi-purpose space houses the large 4×2 video wall. When the wall is not being used for meetings or classes, it rotates marketing messages, calendars and photos. It is really an impressive statement wall.”

Karen continues, “The AVCON team was so great to work with. We looked to them along the way to help us in all of our decision-making. Matt went above and beyond by setting up a temporary solution for us to show off our new A/V solutions at an event prior to the completion of the project. We also had wonderful a experience working with Nicholas who promptly responded to many texts and calls and even showed up on-site whenever needed, and Nathan patiently and thoroughly trained our librarian and tech support staff on the new technologies.”

Karen says Cary Academy is so happy with the solutions AVCON has put into place. “Our team is eager to work with AVCON again in the near future on three more upcoming projects we have planned, including work with more renovations, a new room and outdoor solutions.”