Hometown Spirit Award

Frank Yarborough and the Mayor

The town of Cary selected three residents to be considered for the annual Hometown Spirit Award. AVCON’s very own Frank Yarborough was one of this year’s three finalists. The Hometown Spirit Award is bestowed annually on one Cary resident who enhances the quality of life in Cary by preserving, promoting and carrying out positive and quantifiable, traditional small-town community values and traits.

Frank was named a finalist for his work through AVCON, Inc., the active role he plays in his church and for providing to children with special needs.

Frank’s actions actively demonstrate the core principles of the award program. “Our finalists are all dedicated to enhancing Cary’s quality of life and preserving the small-town atmosphere that makes our community such a great place,” said Taylor Herring, Clerk Administrative Assistant.

In late November the Cary Town Council hosted a reception at the Cary Town Hall in honor of Frank and the other two local finalists. Mayor Harold Weinbrecht was in attendance and presented the Hometown Spirit Awards.