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“Everybody I’ve worked with at AVCON has always gone above and beyond and done a great job for us. They’re always super attentive, do whatever it is we need to do. All the engineers and techs are very professional, go the extra mile to do something that might not even have been in scope. They were hands-on, on-site, did the training, always available after-the-fact if we need them.”

James Stafford

Integration Team Senior Director


When CAPTRUST got the opportunity to upfit an additional floor of their office tower and take their entire audio/visual experience to a new level, they turned their already-trusted partner AVCON to do it right. CAPTRUST, a well-known registered investment advisory firm in Raleigh, wanted to upgrade their ability to produce internal and external video content for company events, webinars, recruiting and training. Key team members for the project say the decision to create their own studio and hire AVCON to create it not only saved them time and money but increased overall efficiency dramatically.

Unaware of a global pandemic looming in the future when the project started in late 2019, the new space turned out to be even more valuable as digital content became a critical means of communication to staff, clients and potential clients. Events previously held in person translated more easily to virtual events from the new studio. Before, a conference room had to be reserved and cleared out, outside equipment rented and brought in, and noise and lighting challenges resolved. With AVCON’s expertise, accessibility and adherence to the budget and timetable, the completed studio has been an impressive solution to CAPTRUST’s internal and external communication needs.

Kathleen Hopkins, CAPTRUST’s Communications Manager says, “Having a dedicated space and soundproof room speaks to the seriousness of the projects we’re undertaking. We use our own advisors for the content, and they get excited to participate. It’s really professional, legit. Our department is proud to have won a company Innovation Award for this project.”

Integration Team Senior Director James Stafford agrees: “We’re able to produce a lot more digital content that’s much more professional-looking. From the day the space was ready to be used, it’s been used. Our marketing team is in there frequently, following COVID-19 safety protocols and producing video content or livestreaming quarterly meetings. They’re excited. It’s been well worth the money spent.”

“It’s been a big win for CAPTRUST to be able to shoot videos and broadcast national events right here in our tower,” says Marketing Manager Colby Warren. “Frank and his crew are knowledgeable, accessible and responsive. We reached out, they got right back to us with good offerings, good pricing, good solutions. AVCON stuck with us, got it right. They helped us land on the right decisions.”