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Highwoods Properties

“Highwoods Properties continually strives to provide a ‘Best in Class’ experience for its customers from the moment they walk into one of our Class A properties. We took the same considerations in choosing a solution to power our digital walls and have been very pleased with the expertise from AVCON in recommending SpinetiX technology. It has brought a new ‘wow’ factor to our lobby in Downtown Raleigh at One City Plaza.”

Ben Aycock
Corporate Marketing Manager, Highwoods Properties



The word “home” conjures up feelings of warmth and belonging. It’s a sense of home that property management company Highwoods Properties has worked to establish in its many properties from Tampa to Pittsburgh.

In 2014, Highwoods Properties purchased an existing building in the Downtown district of Raleigh, North Carolina with the goal of renovating the property for modern appeal. The management desired to renovate in tandem with the modern, yet historic appeal of the city of Raleigh, which is currently ranked #7 by the U.S. News and World Report as one of the 100 Best Places to Live in the United States.

Highwoods Properties refurbished the space with a significant investment. Renovations of note include the lobby, general common areas, and spaces facing customers that would impact the perception of the building. Highwoods Properties enlisted the aid of AVCON, Inc. in Cary, NC, which provides digital signage solutions, for the added technological element to foment a cutting edge, customer-centric residential experience.

The Solution

AVCON installed two video walls in the lobby area of the One City Plaza, one that was 3×3 (three screens high by three screens wide), and another that was 1×3 (one screen high by three screens wide). One HMP 350 media player was installed behind each screen, for a total of 12 players.

Each screen served a specific purpose. The 1×3 screen displayed content and images geared toward thanking “customers,” or residents. The 3×3 screen displayed dynamic content, calendar dates, and information about on-goings in Downtown Raleigh.

“We knew we needed the HMP 350 because we needed something as versatile as possible that would give us the ability to stream content. We wanted a lot of dynamic content on the screen because one thing that is very important is that [the solution] is not static, and something that customers could get used to without really noticing,” says Mike Dunn, Account Manager at AVCON, who worked with Highwoods Properties to install the video walls and media players.

The 1×3 wall is updated quarterly, and the 3×3 wall is updated two to three times per day.

The Results

As a result of the HMP 350 installations and video walls, Highwoods Properties has developed a one-of-a-kind customer experience by way of technology. The contemporary solution melds an up-to-date lobby with both customer appreciation and neighborhood news.

In addition, the SpinetiX digital signage allows for the commercial property to seamlessly integrate within the larger Raleigh community via its calendar that showcases upcoming concerts and festivals.